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We (and all references to the first person) are individual barristers who, together with our administration team (“clerks”) practise in “chambers” under the Name and “2drj” business names.  Our formal business name is, in keeping with the Bar’s traditional naming system, The Chambers of Mark Love.   Mark is our head of chambers, and “2drj” is the diminutive of our address at 2 Dr Johnson’s Buildings. Our main website can be found at

Every barrister is independent – we are not a partnership or corporate body.  Your relationship under a CCL is with that individual barrister and not the chambers as a whole.  Each barrister has individual practising certificates and membership numbers and is separately registered for VAT.  All details for any individual are available from your barrister or the clerks.

You may find it helpful to use our jargon buster.

You (and all references to the second person) are to you, a visitor to our website or an individual client on our website.

All clients must sign a client care letter (CCL) under the Bar’s current Direct Public Access (DPA) requirements before their selected barrister can act.  Please feel free to raise any concerns.  In addition, we will need proof of identity.

In addition to the CCL, consumers (that is, non business clients) will find further useful information below.

These notes are in addition to your CCL (where you have engaged one of our barristers).  The CCL takes precedence over these notes.  English law applies to these notes, regardless of your country of residence.  English courts will have jurisdiction in any dispute between you and us.  We conclude our contracts in the English language.

English law provides some statutory rights for UK consumers (and occasionally for others), which businesses may not avoid.  Nothing in these notes is intended to limit these unavoidable rights.  Any limitation or exclusion in these terms will only apply to the extent that it is lawful to limit or exclude a statutory right of a consumer.


Normally, you will only ever order our services under the CCL.  Very  occasionally, you may need our assistance more urgently – we will guide you  where this is necessary.   Where you do so, it will be on the understanding that you will co-operate with us in entering a CCL as soon as possible and in complying with the regulatory checks we are obliged to make.

It is not possible to order our services directly from this (or any) website from any individual barrister.



We adhere to the Bar’s guidance and of course to the Code of Conduct


We are based in the heart of legal London, The Temple, London EC4.  We frequently go to client premises where convenient or to meet your needs

How to complain

Things do go wrong from time to time.  We really hope we can fix anything we have done that lets you down.  In the first instance, if you cannot resolve the matter with your barrister, please contact our Head of Chambers via the clerks.  But if you can’t resolve an unsatisfactory situation with us within 14 days of a written complaint, you have the following options

Clients have the right to complain to the Bar Standards Board or to the Legal Ombudsman depending on the nature of the engagement and complaint.  We hope it never gets to that, but you’ll find helpful  information from our regulator here.


We may use cookies on our website to improve our awareness of our customers’ needs but we do not collate personally identifiable data from them.

We keep electronic records of all our transactions with you.  We may share information with credit agencies and with our merchant services providers (card transactions, etc) where a card payment has been declined or where we believe there has been a fraud or an attempted fraud, or where we are required to do so by law.  Otherwise, we will not share your data with third parties apart from our affiliates.  We will treat your personal data as sensitive and will take steps to keep it secure.  We will never sell your data in any event.  We will not contact you unless you asked us to, and then only for the purpose you have asked.

These notes may be changed at any time and there may be a resulting time lag in updating our website.  Please email us for any specific queries.


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